How to design your own chocolate workshop in 20 minutes, if you suck at math?


We know that the plan for the ideal workshop is somewhere in your head. We will help you get it out of there.

In this article, we will not talk neither about how to prepare chocolate, nor cocoa products, nor the tricks of the process. In this article, we will talk about your workshop.

You have a room. Your kingdom. You decide which equipment to use, where it should be placed and why. But there is a question that’s not leaving us alone: «What is the actual size of that melangeur? And that drum over there? Will it fit here?»

The dimensions in the specifications card of the equipment are, of course, informative, but even the most experienced designers or architects are taking a ruler and going like: «And what actually, physically 685 millimeters are?» Meaning, they visualize the size in reality and decide if is it a lot, too little or enough, and for what.

Let's say everything is measured. What to do next? I have memorized the dimensions of the coating machine and the chocolate tempering bowl. Should I now take a ruler and go measure all the tables in the shop?

No, come on. Let’s not go through all of this. We already made a toolkit that will help you outline the boundaries of the room and arrange all of the necessary equipment in it in 15-20 minutes. Equipment drawings are also available.

Design for non-designers.

What do you say? Would you like to design yourself a little? Then watch a short video tutorial. In it, in 6 minutes, we will tell you what software you can use, how to draw with it and where the equipment drawings are. You won't even need to install any apps on your computer.

So how did you like it? Feel like a designer yet? We suggest taking the next step.

Now that you have the design skills, you can make a very stylish project for yourself, like in this picture:

We'll be honest with you though, this time you’re actually going to need an app installed. But it’s free and very popular, so even if there are any questions, it will be easy to find the answers for them on the Internet. Well, let's design then?

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